John Cena Shocks Jimmy Fallon With His Winning Guesses During The Whisper Challenge

"What?! How'd you get that?"

In another attempt at the Whisper Challenge, wrestler John Cena and Jimmy Fallon take on guessing random words and phrases while rocking noise-canceling headphones and reading the other person's lips. 

Usually, this game is pretty tough: celebs such as Margot Robbie and Emma Stone both had a tough time deciphering Fallon's whispers.

But for some reason, Cena proves to be a total pro — knocking out the first round with one guess, "appletini."

"What?! How'd you get that? Dude, no one's ever gotten it on the first one," Fallon says in complete shock. 

After that, the rest of the game goes pretty smoothly, and both participants nail their rounds with ease. 

Check out the full video below for more and try the game with your friends, too!


Meet another wrestler accomplishing impressive feats on the mat in the video below:

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