These Fans Flipped The Script And Brought John Cena To Tears With Their Emotional Surprise

"Coolest surprise ever."

We're used to seeing famous faces — from Michelle Obama to Baby Spice — surprise their biggest fans. And we know how devoted professional wrestler John Cena is to making his fans' dreams to meet him come true. But in a new video from Cricket Wireless, it's the fans who do the surprising.

Cena sat down in front of a camera to read aloud some thank-you cards from people whose lives he has affected with his message to "never give up." One young man was hit by a car and told he would never wrestle again. Another lost his parents at a young age. One woman fought to adopt a child. Cena inspired all of them to keep going.


Little did the wrestler know, all the fans whose cards he read were listening in the next room. That included a boy who gave his mother Cena's wristband before her surgery for breast cancer. She's now cancer-free, and Cena was brought to tears upon meeting them.

"Coolest surprise ever," he said as he and the young fan hugged. 

Things only got more emotional from there, as Cena met more fans who were inspired by his message. They then presented him with a trophy which declared him a "Life Changer." 

"It's a reaffirming message of, be mindful that your actions affect those close to you," Cena said of the surprise, calling his fans a "championship squad."

Watch the heartwarming surprise in the video below:

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