America's Most Rooted Stereotypes Depicted In 10 Awesome GIFs

Things aren't always what they seem.

How easy is it not to judge a book by its cover?

Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés puts us to the test in his latest work. Parés' project Judging America features a series of animated portrait GIFs that show how absurd some of rooted social stereotypes are.

Each GIF comprises of two images. One of them is based on the labels we assign to people based to their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or plain beauty sense. The other image depicts that person's true self and shows how shockingly wrong our biases turn out to be.

Widowed Mother of 3 Kids

Joel Parés

Parés is a former Marine who discovered the love for photography during his 5 years of service. Joel says the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures opened his eyes to endless storytelling possibilities. Judging America is one fine example.

"Telling a story is the job of every photographer, but my passion is telling a story in a unique way, a way that can inspire the world. I love telling deep stories of experiences people have had and creating something positive that will change their lives for the better," Parés told Fstoppers.

Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

Joel Parés

New York City Nurse

Joel Parés

Parés' projects, including Judging America, share a unique feature — they have no commentary attached to them. According to the photographer, he creates series that are relevant to most people in the world, thus his works should be able to speak for themselves, unaided.

"The way I like to show the series is where you view the judged image first, to fuel the fire inside of some of us, and then the reality image to cool down the fire and open the eyes of those who think in a negative way while judging individuals," Parés said in an interview.

Founder of Family Outreach Program

Joel Parés

Joel says his inspiration for the series comes from the fact that America is a very ethnically diverse country. He wanted to show how instead of embracing that diversity, people often tend to misjudge certain individuals based on their appearance, religion and whatnot.

iPhone App Inventor Worth Millions

Joel Parés

Stanford Graduate School Student

Joel Parés

CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

Joel Parés

Iraqi Combat Veteran

Joel Parés

Harvard Graduate

Joel Parés

World Famous Painter

Joel Parés

Find out more about Joel's work on his Facebook, 500px, or his website. (H/T: Fstoppers)

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