This Dad Gave His Son The Most Adorable Message During The Little League World Series

An inspiration to parents and coaches.

Major League Baseball might be fun to watch, but nothing beats the sweet moments from the Little League World Series. This was especially the case for the 2016 Little League World Series, which just provided a heartwarming story for the ages.

On Monday, little league players from Bend, Ore., played a squad from Italy in a consolation game. Isaiah Jensen was pitching a shutout as Oregon led 6-0 at the top of the fifth inning.

After his 54th pitch, Jensen walked his first hitter. This prompted Joel Jensen — Isaiah's coach and father — to visit him at the mound to tell him that the backup pitcher will replace him after this next batter. But this dad's message to his son included some heartfelt words that made this moment special.

"I just came to tell you how much I love you — as a dad and as a player, OK? You're doing awesome out here," Joel Jensen told his son. "Cheer up, have some fun."


Isaiah struck out the next batter with a fastball before leaving the game. Oregon held on to win, 6-2, but it's this adorable father-son moment that has everyone talking on social media.


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