The Cleveland Browns' Joe Thomas Knows How To Keep The Crown For Best Photo Day Face

Gotta find some way to smile when you're on the Browns.

Now that the 2016 NFL draft has come and gone, every team has set its sights on putting together the best possible roster it can for the start of the season this fall. Of course, there's some housekeeping that has to be done before the practices begin in earnest, such as paperwork, physicals, and most importantly, photo day.

While most players just sit down and smile or mug it for their photos, occasionally there are the gems that really show up with their A-game — such as this year's Minnesota Vikings rookie class. As impressive as their work is out of the gate, though, it takes years to truly hone the perfect photo day pose and face, and the reigning king is back to take the crown for another year.

Joe Thomas, the Cleveland Browns' elite offensive lineman, has spent nine years toiling on subpar teams, but he at least knows how to keep his job fun. To truly understand that, all it takes is a glance at his new portrait for the team:

And here's his photo from last year:

Clearly he's inspired his teammates to have a little fun themselves:

If the Browns have another losing season, at least these photos will live forever.

(H/T: SB Nation)

Cover image: Wikimedia


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