J.K. Rowling's Latest Inspiring Tweets Will Motivate You To Keep Creating

What she wishes she'd heard when she was starting out.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling continues to be one of our favorite people to follow on Twitter. In addition to consistently standing up for causes she believes in and sharing words of comfort with her fans during difficult times, she also has plenty of great advice up her sleeve.

Just this morning, the author provided a little Monday motivation to her creative followers by sharing the advice she wishes she had heard when she was starting out. Rowling was inspired by a tweet from a fellow user encouraging those reading not to let a fear of rejection stop them from finishing their projects.


Rowling praised the advice and elaborated about why finishing things, regardless of where they end up, can be so important. "Even if it isn't the piece of work that finds an audience, it will teach you things you could have learned no other way," she wrote, making sure to add that "just because it didn't find an audience, that doesn't mean it's bad work." After all, even Harry Potter was rejected several times before it was finally published.

Rowling explained that finishing a work is in and of itself something to be proud of, and it can give you the motivation to try it again. That continued discipline is necessary, she says, if you want to reach your goals. The author also retweeted another inspiring message from the original user emphasizing, "I write because I'm a writer. Not because I am/am not/will be/will not be famous."

Whether you're on your way to finishing a magical book series of your own, or just trying to put the final details on that doodle you've been working on, this could be just the push you need.

Read all of Rowling's tweets below:

Cover image via Twitter

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