J.K. Rowling Photobombs Couple's Wedding. The Starstruck Looks Say It All.

"She got about 20 feet before we all started screaming like big kids."

Grooms Nick and John didn't have a Harry Potter theme for their wedding at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, but they ended up with something even more magical — J.K. Rowling herself. 

On Aug. 26, photographers Matt Fothergill from Matt.E.Photography and his wife Katie from Adventure Awaits, were taking the couple's wedding photos outside when they saw Rowling en route to her car. The photographers briefly stopped the session to ask Rowling for a photo on behalf of the grooms.


When she saw Nick and John, she hugged them and offered her congratulations.

Fothergill captured the entire thing on film, including the newlyweds' ecstatic reactions after meeting the author.

He shared the photos on Facebook on August 27 and talked about the surreal experience of meeting a hero. He explained that the saying "Never meet your heroes…" didn't apply here. "I can safely say this was not one of those occasions. Simply not the case with the awesome J.K. Rowling."

The photographer told HuffPost, "[Rowling] just strode right up to [the grooms] with the biggest smile and gave them both a big squeeze and wished them every health and happiness."

He continued on Facebook, "I wish I could say we were cool about it. Not even slightly. I think she got about 20 feet before we all started screaming like big kids." 

Fothergill later added in the comments, they "nearly did pass out from squealing like bairns in pure excitement."

Nick commented on the post by thanking Matt for his great work and mentioned the surprise addition. "We darn well forgot to mention J.K. in our speeches (too much to remember) so I had to go round each table recounting the story."

"It was such a wonderful surreal beautiful moment," Fothergill told Pink News. "We laughed about it for about half an hour afterwards. Nick's face in the pictures kind of gave away how starstruck we all were, I think. I actually squealed with delight when she was still within earshot."

Fothergill wrote that "Surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends they tied the knot in a warm, funny, beautiful humanist ceremony by local legend Caroline Pearson of the Humanist Society Scotland Ceremonies."

We wish the happy couple the best, and are so jealous of their special wedding surprise. 

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