This Library Didn't Expect J.K. Rowling To Drop By Its Book Club. But Then She Did.

Probably because of the lemon cake.

When a Scottish library hosted a book club on Saturday, it didn't expect Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to swing by to discuss the novel, despite a Twitter invite. After all, she's quite busy writing new stories and supporting those who have lost their mothers, so it would be a stretch for her to take time out of her busy schedule, right?

But she did — and it's all thanks to a conversation initiated on Twitter.

The Orkney Library's "Saturday Slaughters" group was set to discuss The Cuckoo's Calling, a book written by Robert Galbraith — a pen name of Rowling's — that was released in 2013.

The first surprise came when Rowling responded to the announcement:

According to the "Irish Examiner," this led to a prolonged exchange between the library and the author — with the former even asking what kind of cake she or her alter ego would enjoy during the meetup.

The BBC reports that Orkney's Senior Library Assistant Stewart Bain was the one who exchanged tweets with Rowling ahead of Saturday's book club meetup and that members were "gobsmacked" when she showed up.

"It really was quite unbelievable. We'd heard a rumor earlier that she had arrived in Orkney and then all of a sudden she was there," he told the BBC. "I think it's fantastic that she came all the way here to see us and shows the level of support and passion that she has for her readers."

Here's a picture of the group at the event, with Rowling seen fourth from the right in the standing row ...

... and another of her with a Sorting Hat that's on display at the library:

How cool is it that she made the effort to interact with readers of her work? Once again it's proof of how much the writer enjoys engaging her fans and their lifelong love of reading.

(H/T: The Guardian | Irish Examiner)


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