NFL Player Gets Schooled By A Bunch Of Kids On How Nae-Nae'ing Really Needs To Be Done

Watch them.

Just months back JJ Watt made headlines with this Nae Nae dance attempt during the game.


After scoring his third touchdown of the season, the American football defensive decided to celebrate by performing the Nae Nae dance.  

Watch him whip, watch him Nae Nae. 

But clearly not everyone was impressed with his dancing skills.

Especially, not children at Houston Texans YMCA, which Watt visited just yesterday.

When hanging out with the kids he tough them how to throw a ball...

... but then the little ones figured that Watt needs to be tough how to Nae Nae correctly. Once and for all.

Just watch them...

"How do I do this? [...] People have told me I'm terrible at the Nae Nae," Watt confessed to the kids.

You'll be whipping and nae-naeing in no time, Watt. Like a pro.

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(H/T: Mashable)

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