To Mark California Legalizing Marijuana, Jimmy Kimmel Played An Interesting Game

"My weed-ar is a little off."

On January 1, recreational marijuana officially became legal for those 21 and over in California, more than a year after residents voted yes on Proposition 64. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon already marked that occasion with the hashtag #NewWeedLaws, and this week, another late-night Jimmy put his own spin on the law.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to "have some fun" with California's new rules by playing a pretty straightforward game called "Who's High?" As you might have predicted, it's a guessing game in which the host is challenged to choose which person on the street in Los Angeles is under the influence.


Believe it or not, this isn't even Kimmel's first time playing this game. He first premiered it in 2016 to mark 4/20. Once again, he sent his Cousin Sal onto the street to speak with three people, one of whom admitted to being high.

The game turned out to be slightly more difficult than you might expect. In order to make an informed guess, Kimmel did everything from inquiring about drug testing at the contestants' jobs to examining their eyes for cloudiness. The host interrogated two sets of people, and both times, he had trouble pinpointing exactly who was high.

"My weed-ar is a little off," he admitted.

Find out "who's high" for yourself in the video below:

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