Jimmy Kimmel Asks Teachers To Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves About Teaching

"And we also don't have free, unlimited coffee. Why?"

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel shared his appreciation for teachers. "Teachers are so important to this country, for our children, and for our future," he said, "and I think it's our job to listen to them to find out what we can do to make their lives better."

He asked teachers to submit videos of themselves explaining what they hate about their jobs, and they really came through with some entertaining and honest pet peeves, from parents doing their kids' homework to students pointing out pimples.

"When a student obviously farts in class," says one teacher, "I'm not allowed to laugh, and I have to get all of the other students to stop laughing, too."

Another simply tells it like it is — teachers have an important job, but they get "crappy pay" for it.

And if you're wondering whether your teachers ever feared running into you outside of class as much as you feared running into them, the answer is yes. At least according to one of these submissions.

So let's take this opportunity to show our gratitude for the teachers in our lives (even the weird ones), and work on getting them that "free, unlimited coffee" they so richly deserve.

Hear all the grievances in the video below:



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