If Only It Were Real: Jimmy Kimmel Jumps Into Politics With Fake VP Commercial

Jimmy Kimmel went in with a hilarious VP ad.

In this election season, anything could happen — even a Jimmy Kimmel run for vice president.

The prankster talk show host released a sarcastic ad this week claiming he was fit to be vice president of the United States. Among his qualifications? Negotiating the price of a T-shit in Cancún, being against terror, knitting an American flag, and his love for talking to people.

"It's time to stop listening and to start voting together," Kimmel says in his best presidential voice. "We can make today yesterday's tomorrow again."

While the late-night host is certainly just having some fun, it wouldn't be totally absurd: so far this year doctors, real estate moguls, business owners, professors, and even a self-proclaimed socialist have jumped into the 2016 Presidential race.


Check out his full "campaign ad" here:


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