Jimmy Kimmel's Staffers Read Very Real, Very Weird Texts From Their Dads

Never change, dads.

Father's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean we should stop celebrating our dads and the weird things they do. Last night Jimmy Kimmel extended the festivities by having members of his staff share texts their dads have sent them. 

There's a very good chance you'll be able to relate.

Jimmy did a similar segment last month for Mother's Day, so "in the interest of equal time," he decided to put together a Father's Day version. He made it clear that these are real texts from real dads of real people who work on the show. 

If you've ever gotten a text from your own dad, that probably won't surprise you.

A wide range of dad-tastic texting styles are on display. There's the dad who signs his texts with his first name, the dad who hasn't quite gotten the hang of spelling and punctuation, and the dad who asks random questions that don't really make sense.


"I heard on the news that you need a boat to get around Southern California? Are things in LA?"

And if you've never gotten a drunk text from your dad, be grateful. One staffer's dad texted him a few F-words and a lot of nonsense while on vacation. 

Hear all the hilarious texts in the video below.

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