Jimmy Kimmel's Staff Reads Hilarious, Real Texts From Their Moms Just In Time For Mother's Day

"No one likes you."

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, Jimmy Kimmel had his staffers read some of their mom's most priceless text messages. Of course, that churned up some pretty hilarious results, and in one video, they share them with us all.

"What is Facebook etiquette when someone pokes you?" one staffer reads from his phone. "Do you poke back or what? A high school friend who I only see at reunions just poked me. What should I do? (She poked me a year ago and I didn't respond!!! I thought I have removed the poke — I wonder instead if I poked her??!) Love Mom." 

Another woman reads an update from her mom regarding her personal cuticle care, while another man's mother shares a story about her painter's joint pain.

And finally, one man explains that he sent his mom a grocery list so that he could make a family dinner.

"No one likes you," she responded.

Welp, hopefully the food turned out OK. At the end of the day, show your mom you love her for who she is, no matter her texting style. 

Check out more from Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:



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