Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Pictures With Santa That Went Horribly Wrong


Going to the mall to get a picture taken with Santa is a holiday tradition that involves standing in a packed line during cold and flu season for a minimum of an hour with your young children, while you try to keep them happy so they will be smiling when you put them on the lap of a stranger and overpay for a photo of the moment — and that's for a best case scenario. We tell ourselves it's worth it when we have a perfect picture of our children with Santa, the magical elf who will make their Christmas wishes come true.

Many parents, however, have an entirely different outcome. Either the wait is too long and kids start to melt down, or they decide that Santa is better in theory than some man in a musty red suit. It's frustrating when it happens, but what can you do? That's all part of being a parent.

On his show this week, Jimmy Kimmel decided to celebrate that parenting moment we all have when good intentions for a cute Santa snapshot melt into complete pandemonium. He asked for parents to use #SeasonsScreamings when posting pictures and the responses came flooding in.

These are just some of the hilarious entries:


Check out Kimmel's hilarious segment here:

Have any hilarious Santa pictures of your own? Post them up on social media with #SeasonsScreamings!


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