Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Tell The Story Of Christmas: 'He's A Miracle-Maker'

Spreading holiday cheer.

From the presents to the food, the music and the movies, many people — especially kids — love Christmas.

But aside from all that, Jimmy Kimmel wonders if kids really know why people celebrate this particular holiday. So, naturally, Jimmy Kimmel Live! took to the streets to ask kids to explain various details regarding the history of Christmas. 

"We are pleased now to present the story of Christmas, as told by kids," Kimmel says before airing the clip.

Hilarity ensues as kids proceed to explain everything from the relationship between Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, to miracles, and what exactly happened on that first Christmas.

"What did the Virgin Mary do on the first Christmas?" the interviewer asks one little girl.

"Um, she left out cookies for Santa," the girl responds. "Gingerbread." 

Be sure to check out the adorable video below for more:


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