Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Be Honest With Their Dads About The Worst Thing They've Ever Done

Honesty is the best policy.

Kids have a tendency to keep things from their parents, but as it turns out, sometimes all it takes to get them to be honest is a little nudge from Jimmy Kimmel.

"As much as most of us love our fathers, we keep secrets from them," the host said. "And everyone knows that honesty is the best policy, so we went out on the street, and we asked kids to tell us the worst thing they ever did. We asked them to tell us this while their dad was standing right next to them."

The experiment yielded some very interesting results, as kids of various ages fessed up to everything from saying bad words to getting chased by the mall security guard — with some prank calls in the mix, of course.

And for one dad with six kids, the confessions just kept coming, as he learned the truth about R-rated movies, marijuana, and more. He even found out what happened to his Bluetooth earbuds — all thanks to Kid No. 1.

"Happy Father's Day!" the group of them declared when they were all finished. Here's hoping he gets a new pair of earbuds this year.

Watch all the confessions in the video below:

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