Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids About The Difference Between New York And L.A.

"We're the best city in the world. No explanation."

Jimmy Kimmel usually tapes his talk show in Los Angeles, but this week he's been hosting from Brooklyn, so he decided to try a little experiment. He shared on Wednesday night's show that he enjoys the friendly rivalry between L.A. and New York, so he sent correspondents out to ask people in both cities to share their thoughts.

The only twist is that Kimmel's correspondents didn't ask just anybody to describe the difference between the coasts — they asked kids. And as we (and Kimmel) know, kids are pretty good at saying what they really think. This segment was no exception.


The respondents were quick to share their pride in their cities, with one young New Yorker saying, "We're the best city in the world. No explanation. Hands down."

Another little girl had a problem with all the traffic in L.A. "You don't need to be stuck in a car all day."

One L.A. kid, meanwhile, cited Legoland as a reason to love the West Coast. The kids in California might want to brush up on their New York trivia, however — the capital of New York isn't "lower case K."

And make sure you watch until the end of the segment to hear the respondents share their impressions of people on the opposite coast. If there's one thing these kids have in common, it's their honesty.

See what all the kids had to say in the video below:

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