Kids In L.A. And New York Try To Prove To Jimmy Kimmel Who's Smarter

"We'll call it a tie."

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Jimmy Kimmel further stoked the rivalry between New York and Los Angeles this week. The host, who was born in Brooklyn but has lived in L.A. since 1994, has previously sent a correspondent to ask kids on both coasts which city is better. This week, he got a little more specific.

Kimmel's correspondent asked kids who they think is smarter — kids in L.A. or kids in New York? As to be expected, they all said their own city, and then tried to prove it. One girl in L.A. explained that kids there "know a lot about shopping," while a New York-dwelling boy's explanation was simply, "Duh."


Some kids even shared their favorite factoids and trivia. As a girl in L.A. admitted, "I thought I was really smart when I kept telling people that a tomato is a fruit, but I feel like everybody knows that now." Another girl in New York couldn't resist bragging about her knowledge of tables: "Tables are rectangles, and they have legs."

Of course, the bit wouldn't be complete without at least one smart-aleck answer. In this case, it came from a boy in L.A., who said the smartest thing he knows is "that my sisters suck."

We have to agree with Jimmy Kimmel, who announced after the segment, "We'll call it a tie."

See all the hilarious answers below:

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