What Do Kids Think Of Donald Trump's Presidency? Jimmy Kimmel Decided To Find Out.

"I think America's always been great."

Donald Trump's first few months as president have been controversial, to say the least. But what have the country's kids taken away from his time in office? Never one to shy away from politics, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out by asking a few of them.

"Of course, adults are biased and partisan, and all those things that make it difficult to work together," Kimmel explained. "But children are honest. So I asked kids, the future voters of America, to give me their takes on the state of the president and our union, and this is what they had to say."

Most of the kids Kimmel talked to were pretty innocent to the goings-on of the past 100 or so days — enough to make grown-up Americans envious. One boy thinks Trump has something against Nebraska. A pair of girls thinks Michael Jackson would make a better commander-in-chief. It should come as no surprise that the host plays along with even the silliest ideas.

"You know what a Cold War is?" Kimmel asks when the subject of Russia comes up. "It's a war in the snow."

In the end, it comes down to one question: Is Donald Trump making America great again? For one girl, the answer is simple: "I think America's always been great."


See more of the kids' responses in the video below:

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