This Holiday Prank War With Jimmy Kimmel Leaves John Krasinski As We’ve Never Seen Him Before

"I was under the impression it was my turn this year to do something to you."

The holidays are all about coming together with loved ones, giving sentimental gifts, and making memories to last a lifetime. For Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski, this comes in the form of a holiday prank war that gets better every year

Because they have typically been alternating each year who is on the receiving end of the prank, it should have been Kimmel's turn to pull a fast one on The Office star. Unfortunately for him, Krasinski wasn't willing to play by their nonexistent rules.

Krasinski drew first blood, pulling three hilarious Christmas-themed pranks on Kimmel. From a pants-less Santa, a reindeer with apparent digestive issues, and a little slice of the North Pole, each prank was masterfully pulled off.

Kimmel's retaliation was so hard, Krasinski could hardly react.

"You know when you forget to laugh because all you're thinking about is like, 'This is going to be so awful?' " Krasinski finally said, after not being able to stammer out much more than "oh my god" while he took in the full scope of what Kimmel just did to him.

Kimmel wasn't quite done yet, though, and the final prank left Krasinski with egg(nog) all over his face.

Check it out here:



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