Can You Guess Which Famous Person's Parents Jimmy Kimmel Is Talking To?

Jimmy's stumped.

Jimmy Kimmel talks to a lot of famous people on his show, but it's not very often that he talks to the parents of those famous people. Unless those parents are famous as well, it can be pretty difficult to match them up to the next generation.

Jimmy faced this exact challenge last night when he video-chatted with a couple and asked them a series of yes or no questions to try and guess who their famous son or daughter is. He had a pretty hard time of it, so let's see if you fare any better.

Jimmy initially tries to gather clues from the pictures on the refrigerator in the couple's kitchen, but when that doesn't help, he has to work with what they tell him. For example, he learns that their child is a man who has never thanked them in an acceptance speech. In fact, they find the idea that he would to be pretty hilarious.

Still not sure? Here's one more clue — they're Canadian. Watch the video below to hear Jimmy's full interrogation and see the big reveal.

Here's hoping Jimmy makes this a regular segment.


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