Watch Jimmy Kimmel Go Undercover On Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, And More To Answer Fan Questions

"How much of Jimmy Kimmel's beard is eyebrow pencil?"

Most the time, when you see unverified celebrity accounts on social media, you can safely assume that it's not actually them. That is unless said celebrity is taking part in an installment of GQ magazine's Actually Me series. In it, celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Nick JonasJohn Cena, and more have gone undercover on the Internet to respond to people across various social platforms.

In the most recent episode, Jimmy Kimmel created new accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, IMDB, and more to respond to real comments and questions written about him on each site. 

He started off strong with an important question on Quora: "Why are Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon rivals?" 

"We're not rivals. We're enemies. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were rivals. This is more a Hatfield-and-McCoy-type situation with him being McCoy," Kimmel replied, using a photo of Damon next to an arrow and the words "ass face" as his avatar. 

Not one to be afraid of hurting anyone's feelings, Twitter users' comments were much more savage. One user asked "How much of Jimmy Kimmel's beard is eyebrow pencil?" while another tweeted "Ughhhh why is Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Oscars again this year??" 

Learn more about Kimmel by watching the whole video below.


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