Are You As Good As Jimmy Kimmel At Guessing Whether These People Are Foreigners?

"Hipsters have screwed this game up for me."

We've seen Jimmy Kimmel guess which people on Hollywood Boulevard were high to celebrate California's marijuana legalization, and it turns out that's not the only guessing game he likes to play with pedestrians. On Wednesday night, Kimmel played "Foreigner or Not?"

The point of the game is to guess whether or not someone is from the United States or visiting from another country, just by looking at them. Kimmel claims to have a knack for it, and it turns out to be true — although it's not so easy. Appearances can be deceiving, and we're not all that different after all.

The first person his Cousin Sal shows him lets on that she speaks English by reacting to Kimmel's questions — but that doesn't mean she's necessarily American. The second contestant then throws Kimmel off with his hairstyle and sense of style, as the host jokes, "Hipsters have screwed this game up for me."

Kimmel also makes sure to get a little dig in at his own country, noting that the third guest makes sure not to react to anything he says. "OK, she's smart," he says. "Which means she's probably not an American." In the end, he guesses all three correctly — can you match that?

Check out the full game below:

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