Jimmy Kimmel Gets People To Share Their Opinions On A Few Of Donald Trump's Fake Running Mates

"Well, he has a sense of humor. I have to give him that."

With Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the question on everyone's minds is who he will pick as his running mate. As Jimmy Kimmel just proved in a new "Lie Witness News" segment, no potential VP is too ridiculous for people to believe — or give their opinions about.

Jimmy sent a correspondent onto the street to ask people what they thought of various, totally fake Trump running mates, from Gary Busey to Trump's own daughter, Ivanka. Not only did those being interviewed completely trust that these choices were real, but they also pretended as if they had already heard the news.

While some thought the imaginary choices were a "joke" or at the very least a "publicity thing," others were pretty enthusiastic. Take, for example, the young man who responded positively to the idea of Vice President Dennis Rodman, saying, "Not many people have gone to North Korea and improved U.S. relations over there."

Perhaps the most intriguing moment in the entire video, however, is when one interviewee claims he was once in a very strange car accident with Gary Busey. Was that a lie, too? We may never know.


Witness all the lies in the video below:


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