Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids If A Woman Can Be President, But Their Answers Aren't Quite What We Were Expecting

Featuring a very special guest.

To see what the future has in store for us, Jimmy Kimmel invited four children to sit down and talk all things politics and gender with him. After all, today's kids are tomorrow's leaders. 

"Our best hope for more equality is our next generation [...]," Kimmel explains into the camera. "Whether we like it or not."

Turns out, these children might be tiny, but they are incredibly opinionated already. And when Kimmel asks them questions like, "Do you think women can do anything men can do?" and "Do you think we should have a lady president?" they have some concerning answers. 


"Women are not presidents," one of the boys tells Kimmel.

Umm... Excuse us, young man?

"They are too girly. They'll make, like, girl rules. Like, free makeup in the world," another one adds.

The two girls next to him  are clearly not having it.

That didn't sound quite right, so Kimmel invited a very special guest to put things into perspective for these little nuggets.

After asking the kids, "What would I have to do  to convince you guys there are women that could be president, and might very well be president of the United States?" Kimmel brings out Clinton who provides some much needed insight. And hopefully, the kids in this episode, and those watching, learned something very valuable about gender and politics. 

Thanks, Hilary. We all needed that.

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