These Celebrities Said Some Of The Craziest Things On Twitter During Its 10-Year History


Twitter just turned 10!

The social media site with a 140-character limit has been an amazing tool for people from all walks of life. Be it dads spouting knowledge about fatherhood, fictional characters speaking real wisdom, or celebs taking on trolling haters and communicating directly with their fans

Celebs especially are known for expressing themselves on Twitter. Often their most memorable tweets are, in hindsight, slightly inaccurate, silly responses to the latest Hollywood gossip, or musings that make you go hmmm.

That's exactly what you'll find in the clip above from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which compiles some of the most hilariously weird tweets from some of the biggest stars. Check it out to see if your favorite stars made the cut, because let's be honest, nearly everyone has tweeted something embarrassing at least once.

After threatening to allow up to 10,000-character tweets, Twitter recently announced that it would stick to its original limit in order to keep messages short, sweet, and to the point — much to the approval of die-hard users. After watching this video, we can't help but applaud their choice as well.


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