Jimmy Fallon's Viewers Share Their #WorstGiftEver, With Photos To Match

Who needs Teddy Ruxpin when you have Bingo Bear?

When it comes to gift-giving, they say it's the thought that counts, but sometimes you really have to wonder exactly what people were thinking. This week, just in time for the holidays, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to tweet their #WorstGiftEver — one they either gave or received. As usual, they did not disappoint.

Anyone who ever received a knock-off toy as a kid will relate to one viewer's story of her Bingo Bear, a version of the Teddy Ruxpin doll that would only talk if "you held down a button inside its mouth." Then there are the gifts that may be thoughtful but don't exactly match the year's vibe. Take, for example, the user who received windshield wiper blade refills in exchange for an electric guitar.


Of course, no roundup of funny gifts would be complete without a few photos as evidence. They include a "ceramic pea pod with weird baby faces" and a suggestive squirrel T-shirt. One user even admitted to accidentally getting her mom the totally wrong Christmas card.

This holiday, let these tweets serve as a reminder not to look a gift horse in the mouth ... unless that's where the button is to make it talk.

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host:

Watch Fallon share his favorites in the video below:

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