Jimmy Fallon Shares His Viewers' #MyWorstDate Tweets That Make Us Feel Better About Our Own

"Lost my pride and my pants."

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon's hashtags to remind us that we're not alone, even in our most awkward moments. The Tonight Show host even shared his own embarrassing prom photo for the recent #PromFail version of the segment. This week, the hashtag was #MyWorstDate, and it's making us feel a little better about our own romantic misadventures.

Fallon himself started things off with what seems to be a funny reference to when he first met Nicole Kidman and didn't realize she was interested in dating him.


He then shared some of his favorite tweets from viewers. They run the gamut from embarrassing moments ("Lost my pride and my pants") to awkward conversations ("topic, topic, topic ...") to failed chemistry ("She said she was going to take a break from dating for a while").

And if you've never gotten hit by a foul ball at a baseball game and had everyone (including your date) see you cry on the Jumbotron, consider yourself lucky ... because one of Fallon's viewers did.

Check out a few of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut in the video below:

Watch Jimmy Fallon react to his favorites in the video below:


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