Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, And Christina Aguilera Pit Their Tight Pants Against Each Other With Hilarious Results

Who wore them best?

Jimmy Fallon is the ratings king of the current late-night TV landscape, and he got there mostly by being the most accessible host, with skits all over the map that often get covered on various sites (such as this one) the next day. Whether it's highlighting horrible first dates, hilariously bad gifts, stupid sayings, or weird families, there's something for everyone each night. Every now and then, a very specific, very bizarre skit comes along, but even this works as long as Jimmy fully commits and gets help from celebrities who also aren't afraid to look ridiculous.

A perfect recent example is Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, And Christina Aguilera squaring off in a tight pants duel, singing and dancing on stage while wearing, yep, tight pants. Trying to describe it in words any further is pointless, so just watch and guiltily enjoy the absurd skit for yourself:


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