Jimmy Fallon Shares His Viewers' Most Cringeworthy #WeddingFail Stories

"We sat there confused as the bride smacked the groom in the face."

Jimmy Fallon's latest hashtag #WeddingFail came at the perfect time. Not only is wedding season on its way, but this weekend marks the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Let's hope they don't have to deal with anything as embarrassing as the stories Tonight Show viewers shared for Fallon to read on the show.

As these tweets prove, weddings aren't always the perfect fairy tales we imagine them to be — but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. From the officiant getting the groom's name wrong to the couple's moms missing the ceremony because they couldn't work the elevator, at least they got a funny story out of it.


"During my cousin's vows, a mosquito landed on his head," wrote one viewer. "But the guests couldn't see it, so we sat there confused as the bride smacked the groom in the face."

Surprisingly, that's not even the most cringeworthy story involving bugs that Fallon reads in this latest segment. All we'll say is that you should be careful about including butterflies as part of your big day.

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut, including one from the host himself:

Watch Fallon share his favorite tweets in the video below:

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