Jimmy Fallon Kicks Off The Season By Sharing His Favorite #SummerVacationFail Tweets

"Right as we passed Ursula, her head fell off."

It's officially summer, and that means families are planning road trips, theme park visits, and beach days. On The Tonight Show this week, host Jimmy Fallon marked the season by asking his viewers to share their funniest family vacation stories with the hashtag #SummerVacationFail.

Fallon shared some of his favorite stories on the show Thursday night, and they might just make you grateful for your own awkward or annoying family excursions — or at least look back on them with a little more fondness. After all, at least you got some memories out of it.


Obviously, there was more than one Disney World story in the bunch, as one viewer recalled their family searching frantically for their sister, only to realize she was sitting on their dad's shoulders. Another user shared the disturbing story of Ursula's head falling off during the Little Mermaid ride. 

Of course, no collection of family vacation stories would be complete without at least one prank. In this case, a seemingly innocent joke on an unsuspecting dad led to a visit from the cops. 

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut below:

See Fallon read his favorites in the video below:


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