Why #StopItDad Stories Remind Us Of How Great Dads Really Are

"My dad volunteered to be the tornado during my sister's elementary school tornado drill."

Dads are these incredible creatures who are essentially genetically engineered to be as embarrassing as humanly possible. Though most renowned for their epic groan-worthy jokes, dads are pretty skilled at turning ordinary days into experiences that are completely memorable, for better or for worse.

In the most recent edition of "Hashtags," Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has asked viewers to share their most incredible tales of paternal mortification. When he shared his selected entries, you can actually feel the audience squirming in their seats.

Of course, all of this begs the question: Why the heck are all dads like this? Are they sadists? Are they broken inside? Do they just have the most amazing long game for trolling? While all of these might be true, the real reason is that they absolutely love their kids and want to be remembered for trying to fill their lives with laughter. Yes, even dads dancing the Cabbage Patch after school at pickup is a way of showing love.

Not buying it? Check out the following #StopItDad entries and see what the loving subtext is really saying:


Dads really want you to be prepared, so they want you to take safety drills serious.

Dads know dating can be hard, so they want to teach what not to do.

Dads want you to think they're strong and good protectors.

Dads are always your biggest fan!

Dads want to prove that they're still cool and involved in pop culture.

Dads know that conversations can be tough, so they give you stories to serve as ice breakers ... even if you're a celebrity.

Want to hear more of the most cringe-worthy moments in dad history? Check out Fallon's rundown of the best #StopItDad entries here:

Let's hear it for dads — the reigning champs of embarrassing the ever-loving crap out of children since probably the beginning of time!

(Header image: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)


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