Jimmy Fallon And Sting Get ‘Textual’ And Sing Real-Life Couples' Texts

Getting a lil steamy on “The Tonight Show.”

Jimmy Fallon turned up the heat on Sting on The Tonight Show as he and the singer took turns singing real-life texts from couples.

Over some soft piano music, Fallon "tries to get something going" by asking what his "partner" is doing. Sting replies, "Eating cereal." Fail. No one said relationships were easy, Jimmy.


Then they take on this scintillating exchange between a girlfriend trying to come over to look for her wallet in a boyfriend’s car. He said no wallet!

Then things get extra steamy when Sting takes on the role of Emilee, who did receive Tim's number all four times.

Things get a little awkward, though, when it comes this autocorrect mishap …

Anyway, try to contain yourself and maybe try the “Lol” exchange with a significant other. Just “sending out an L-O-L ...”


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