Let Jimmy Fallon's Panel Of Puppies Pick A Super Bowl Winner For You

No analysis needed.

You're a football fan. It's the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday and you've spent almost two weeks reading up on everything possible to get you ready for the game. You've even dug deep to read about the little-known players on the Broncos and Panthers, how much the affair is costing San Francisco, what new camera tech will make watching the showdown more intense than ever, and what to expect out of the commercials. Now all that's left to do is pick a winner.

Especially if you plan to put money on one of the teams, this can be a stressful decision. Sure, you've seen all the analysis on where each team's strengths and weaknesses lie, how they match up on both sides of the ball, which players are crucial to success, and what the coaches might scheme up to win. What about all the intangibles, though? Does talking smack motivate players to grind a little harder? Is the Peyton-Manning-riding-into-the-sunset narrative unstoppable? Does one team just want "it" more than the other?

Look, we get it, it's tough out there. Don't think yourself to death, though. In fact, it might just be best to take the decision out of your hands entirely. Why not let several offensively cute puppies just make the pick for you? Every year, Jimmy Fallon sets nine of these little monsters loose all at once in front of two bowls of dog food. Each bowl represents one of the teams and you can probably guess where it all goes from there. Just in case, though, we'll spell it out: whichever team's bowl sees more attention from the puppies is the one that will win the Super Bowl.

So kick back, relax, and let Gary Frick Jr. and his eight friends do the heavy lifting for you.



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