Jimmy Fallon's 5-Minute 'Tonight Show' Included A Very Fast Paul Rudd Interview

Complete with a duet.

The Winter Olympics may have affected late-night programming this month, but hosts are finding creative ways around it. First, Jimmy Kimmel dealt with ABC's lack of Olympics footage by airing his very own YouTube Olympics. Then on Monday, Jimmy Fallon managed to host The Tonight Show without taking too much time away from NBC's coverage of the games.

The show debuted the first "Fallon Five" segment — a five-minute version of the show that includes a shortened monologue (complete with topical jokes about Fergie and curling), and an even shorter celebrity interview. Luckily, guest Paul Rudd was up to the challenge when Fallon set the clock for one minute before they sat down to chat.

After Fallon's introduction and Rudd's entrance took up more than 10 seconds, the pair really had to rush through the question-and-answer portion. Somehow, Rudd managed to reveal that his favorite Olympic sport is skiing, that he used to play soccer, and that wearing a mustache in his new Netflix movie Mute was "crazy."

Of course, this is still The Tonight Show, so Fallon couldn't say goodbye to his guest without doing something fun. In this case, it was the world's fastest duet of "Shout." As one YouTube commenter said, you could call this version of the show "Short Attention Span Theater." 

Check out the full five-minute show in the video below:

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