Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdSecret Hashtag Makes Us Feel Less Bad About Our Own Quirks

"I carry a pair of binoculars in the glovebox of my car in case I see a dog that's too far away."

Jimmy Fallon never ceases to entertain us during segments of his Hashtag game on The Tonight Show. In the past, we've seen some hilarious #PromFail photos, heard about some of the worst springs breaks, and got an interesting look at what Twitter users would do if they won the lottery.

But Fallon's latest Hashtag segment was particularly great because he asked Twitter users to share some "weird, funny, or embarrassing" secret with him. Sure, hearing people's deepest, darkest secrets can be fun, but learning about the bizarre things they do when they think no one is paying attention may be even better. 

Twitter users revealed their confessions using the tag #MyWeirdSecret, and then Fallon chose his favorite tweets and read them aloud on the show. From stretching T-shirts so personal trainers think real weight loss happened, to fist bumping a neighbor's lion statute, to licking a cat because she misses her family, these weird secrets make us feel better about our own quirks. Everyone's got something, right?

Watch the segment in the video below:


These 10 tweets didn't make the show, but they're definitely worth the read.


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