These #MyDumbBet Tweets Are A Reminder That We Should Probably Stop Making Dumb Bets

"My husband bet me 20 bucks I wouldn’t eat one of my dogs pepperoni treats."

Most people agree to bets when the stakes aren't too high or when they're positive they'll win, but Jimmy Fallon isn't interested in most people. For another Hashtags segment of the Tonight Show, he asked fans on Twitter to "tweet out a funny or embarrassing story about a bad bet you made and tag it with #MyDumbBet." 


Last night, he read some of the best tweets on the show. They included ridiculous shrimp-themed tattoos, badly shaved heads, and a little league game that cost a dad $1,000. But one of the best came from a woman who shared her mom's parenting skills. "I was six when I lost a bet to my sister. I bet my bed—and my mom said I had to give it to her, wanting me to learn the consequences of gambling," she tweeted. "So my sister was nine and she had two beds."

You can watch the segment in the video below:

The tweets below didn't make it on air, but we think they're equally as good.

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