Science Expert Kevin Delaney Shows Jimmy Fallon A New Way To Get Rid Of A Jack-O'-Lantern

Don't try this at home.

Jimmy Fallon brought some weird science to the Halloween season with the help of expert Kevin Delaney, who hosts the Science Channel series Street Science. Delaney has been on The Tonight Show before to show off his entertaining science experiments, and this week he gave them an appropriately spooky theme.

Things started off relatively simple, as Delaney created ghostly bubbles out of dry ice. "Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so the bubbles don't really float," he explained, as Fallon popped one in his hand. "They just kind of flop."


Things got a little more epic after that, as Delaney demonstrated a new way to get rid of a rotting Jack-o'-Lantern after Halloween. You won't want to try this method at home, however. Delaney once again used dry ice and water, this time pressurized in a plastic bottle. Let's just say things got very messy — and very loud.

Of course, no Halloween segment would be complete without a prank or two. In this case, Delaney showed Fallon a more efficient way of toilet-papering the studio, with the help of some leaf blowers and Bernoulli's principle, "one of the main things that keeps airplanes in the air."

Check out all the experiments in the video below:

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