The Awesome Reason Jimmy Fallon Asked This Baseball Player To Teach Him Spanish

"So awesome. So good. So great."

Jimmy Fallon welcomed White Sox pitcher José Quintana to The Tonight Show on Tuesday night for a very special reason. The baseball player, who is originally from Colombia, credits Fallon's show with helping him learn English when he was playing for the Yankees, adding that the host's accent was easy to understand.

Quintana wanted to become fluent so he could talk to his teammates and give interviews in English, so he went about teaching himself. "That's part of my job and I put a lot of effort in to learn that language," the player has previously said. "It's fun. It's fun when you can talk with American guys, and know what they mean and everything."

Fallon asked Quintana what kinds of phrases he learned from watching the show, and his answer probably won't surprise you: "You are awesome. You are so good. So awesome. So good. So great." Yeah, that sounds about right.

To return the favor, Quintana went on to teach Fallon a few Spanish phrases, including how to introduce himself as the host of The Tonight Show. The final conversation, however, might only come in handy in very specific situations.


Hey, better to be safe than sorry.

Check out Fallon's Spanish lesson in the video below:

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