Jimmy Fallon Shares His Viewers' Most Creative #IfIHadASuperpower Tweets

From sandwiches to perfectly hot showers.

This week, Jimmy Fallon asked Tonight Show viewers to tweet the superpowers they wish they possessed using the hashtag #IfIHadASuperpower. On Thursday night, he shared a few of his favorites, and the responses might just surprise you

While you may have expected people to wish for the ability to fly or turn invisible, or possibly a little super strength here and there, most people's desired powers had more to do with everyday convenience than some sort of comic book fantasy. We love seeing the creative ideas people came up with to make their lives a little easier.


For example, one viewer shared their desire to clap sandwiches into existence, while another fan just wants to save themselves time by knowing whether or not they'll enjoy the Netflix series they're about to start binge-watching — Fallon had to give that one a standing ovation.

Of course, we can't forget the power to immediately turn the shower dial to "exactly the right hot," or the ability to insert USB cables correctly in one try. We'd totally watch a few Marvel movies about those two superheroes.

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut, including one from the host himself:

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorite tweets in the video below:


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