Jimmy Fallon Shares Some Funny #NewWeedLaws Following The Legalization Of Marijuana

His hashtags never let us down.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon's "Hashtags" segment is always fun. They've made us remember our weirdest teachers, crappiest Halloweens, and moments where all we could say was, "That happened." 

This week, to commemorate several states voting to legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana, Jimmy asked his viewers to tweet their suggestions for #NewWeedLaws that should be passed to accommodate those citizens who plan to take advantage of their state's decision.

As usual, Twitter didn't disappoint, with people suggesting everything from more user-friendly restaurant menus, to "contemplating benches" in public parks, to new driver's license options. Jimmy and his announcer Steve Higgins have a lot of fun acting out the suggestions and doing their best stoner impressions.

Check out a few of our favorites that missed the cut below. Unsurprisingly, a whole lot of them had to do with food.

See what Jimmy has to say about his viewers' silly proposals in the video below:

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