Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdSuperstition Tweets Make Us Feel Better About Our Own

Does Sandra Bullock make your hiccups go away?

Do you have any superstitions? Any lucky items you're never without? A fear of opening an umbrella inside or walking under a ladder? As it turns out, you're far from alone. This week, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked his followers to share their own unique beliefs and traditions with the hashtag #MyWeirdSupserstition, and he read his favorites Thursday night.

Fallon's viewers have much weirder superstitions than simply knocking on wood or throwing salt over their shoulders, and they're making us feel better about our own unusual hang-ups. Tweets range from talking to ghosts that may or may not be there to solving hiccups by talking about Sandra Bullock.


"I never eat the first Pringle in a can. That's the barrier Pringle. I throw it away every time," one viewer tweeted, making Fallon laugh. Another fan said that any time someone on TV winks, he feels like he has to wink back. So obviously Fallon winked at the camera.

Then there was the rather timely superstition from a viewer whose friend might have kept the Dallas Cowboys from playing in the Super Bowl for more than 20 years — even though he's aiming for the opposite. Nobody ever said superstitions made sense.

Check out some of our favorites that didn't make the cut below, including two from the host himself:

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorites below:

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