Watch Jimmy Fallon And Harry Styles Craft The First Musical Hook On 'Saturday Night Live'

"It's a party at my parents' house!"

Host Jimmy Fallon showed off his musical impressions, dance moves, and general all-around ability to create a silly song out of almost any situation on this week's Saturday Night Live.

In one sketch, Fallon, musical guest Harry Styles, and cast members Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, and Mikey Day are imagined as Civil War soldiers who are looking for something to help better pass the time while in camp. Bennett suggests a song will help boost morale, and "put the fight back in you" and launches in a tune he calls "Old New York."

However, Bennett's traditional ballad is soon interrupted by Fallon launching into a verse that the others seem less familiar with. 

"Party till the sun comes up," Fallon sings while jumping and waving his hands in the air. "We'll stay young forever now / Dance until the pills wear off / It's a party at my parents' house."

When Bennett expresses that he doesn't remember that part of the song, "No, I added it," Fallon explains. "I felt like it needed a phat, catchy hook."

Despite Bennett's belief that "Old New York" was a fine song as it was, Fallon, with a bridge from Styles, makes some more changes to the song and ends up with a remix that's actually pretty catchy.

Watch the sketch in full below:


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