Dakota Johnson Stars In Jimmy Fallon's Latest Game Of 'Mad Lib Theater,' And Everyone's Laughing

Dakota Johnson's laughing so hard she's crying.

A good game of Mad Libs is sure to make even the grumpiest person laugh — and this latest version on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is no exception. 

In this latest episode, Jimmy Fallon asks Dakota Johnson to play "Mad Lib Theater," and Johnson must choose a food, a period of time, a song lyric, and some adjectives, among other things, to complete their script.

After adding in words such as "hairless" and "sock," Fallon and Johnson perform a scene reminiscent of Johnson's new film, Fifty Shades Darker (though this one is incredibly lighthearted). 

"Your company is involved primarily in agricultural projects feeding the world's penguins. With that kind of passion I wonder if your knee might be bigger than you let on," Johnson says, laughing and wiping away tears. 

Makes sense? It's not supposed to. But you can check out their performance in full below:


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