Jimmy Fallon Asks Kids About Their Parents' Jobs, And They Have Some Interesting Observations

"He goes on a computer, and he writes on paper."

Today marks Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, when parents around the country are encouraged to give their children a peek at what they do for a living. But how well can those kids actually describe what their parents do at work all day? Jimmy Fallon found out on The Tonight Show this week.

Fallon sat parents and kids down together, and asked the kids to describe their parents' jobs. Some kids didn't know much beyond the fact that there was a computer involved. Two sisters couldn't even come to an agreement about what their dad wears to work. "T-shirts?" one of them guesses. "A suit?" suggests her sister.

Some kids were a bit more observant. One boy knows that his mom works at a branding company. What does she do all day? "She works, then after she gets a little grumpy, and then she eats dinner, and then she goes to bed." A lot of working people can probably relate to that summary, no matter what field they're in.

When it comes to their own future careers, these kids have some big ambitions. "I'm gonna be a gymnast and a vet," one girl declares, before showing off her cartwheel skills.


Hear all the kids' thoughts in the video below:

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