Jewish Kids Meet Santa Claus For The First Time, And Really Just Aren't That Excited About It

"Do you hang out with Harry Chanukah?"

Kids who grow up Jewish have lots of amazing traditions to look forward to around the holiday season — spinning dreidels for chocolate gelt, lighting the menorah, making latkes, being with family, opening presents and singing Chanukah songs. But there is one tradition Jewish kids often don't partake in — meeting Santa Clause and telling him what they want for Christmas. 

So as a fun experiment, the folks at BuzzFeed decided to film a few Jewish kids' reactions to meeting Santa for the first time. 

All of them seem a little aloof, and it's pretty hilarious to watch. When asked if they have any questions for Santa most simply shook their head, except for one little boy who asks, "Do you hang out with Harry Chanukah?"

Such an appropriate question. 

Watch the video below:  



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