See Why Passengers Smiled Every Time Babies Cried On This Coast-To-Coast Flight


Anyone who's ever flown knows the tension that ripples through the cabin when someone comes on board carrying a baby. People exchange looks of "I hope they're not sitting near me." Passengers instinctively reach for ear plugs or headphones, hoping to find some respite from the high-pitched crying that they anticipate from their tiny neighbors. Even the most tolerant person can find his or her patience tested. When you're strapped into an uncomfortable chair 35,000 feet above the Earth in a flying metal tube, even the smallest comforts become sacrosanct while the tiniest annoyances become agonies.

Neither is any of this a pleasure for the parents of small children who find themselves having to navigate unforgiving bathrooms while carrying a tiny, angry, squirming human as well as cope with sitting at Ground Zero of the collective irritation of dozens of grumpy passengers. At best they can look around and shrug apologetically, knowing all too well that although the people around them have to put up with the siren of crying for another four hours, they'll be dealing with it for years to come, starting with a long drive at the next airport. 

It's not easy for anyone. 

In this video released today by JetBlue — a company that seems to love to play games with its passengers — we find that the airline found a novel way to make crying babies not only a little more tolerable for the passengers on one flight ... but actually welcomed.

Take a look: 



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