Jessie J Teases 'Vulnerable' Yet 'Strong' New Music That Is 'Just More True To Me'

Get ready to meet Jessie J 2.0.

Jessie J is officially back and is reintroducing herself to the world in the process. You may think you know the 29-year-old singer-songwriter — whose real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish — but she wants to show you a whole new side of herself with her new music, starting with "Real Deal." 


The "Bang Bang" performer described "Real Deal," which dropped today, to A Plus as having a "real summer vibe," being something you want to turn up while driving, and as being "one of those songs you just feel." It was inspired by meeting up with a guy and having a moment where she thought it could be the, yes, "real deal," because the "energy is right." That didn't last for her, but the song did.

This is just a taste of the new music Cornish has coming, and, while promoting M&M's and the Bite Size Beats campaign, the London-born star — who chose the red-colored M&M as her favorite — teased what else she has on the horizon and how it will differ from the persona we all know.

"If you want an album that's basically about what a woman goes through from 25 to 29, it's coming; it's happening," Cornish explained. "A lot of women, when they write about heartbreak, it's always about what the guy could have done to improve and what they did to them. I definitely touched on things that I could have improved on and things I shouldn't have done that I did that women wouldn't always admit that they do. I'm vulnerable — but in a strong [way]. Vulnerability isn't a weakness, vulnerability is honesty."

Cornish also said she doesn't confine her music to a specific label, it's just about going with however she feels. While we might know Jessie J music to be more pop, the music coming up will be more R&B/soul, a move Cornish says is "just more true to me."

"Kind of a blessing and a curse in this industry is that you kind of have to live out what you don't want to do to know that you don't want to do it, but whilst you do it it gets blogged and people fall in love with something you may never want to do again," Cornish continued. "I understand there will be people that will hold onto a part of me that I've grown away from and I can't be bothered by that. I am 29 years old now — I [don't] want to sing songs like that anymore. I might one day, but when I go and I sit in a room and I write music, I don't write pop songs. There are influences of pop, but what I listen to and what inspires me isn't the music that I was making."

Taking some time off between albums — it's been three years since Cornish's last offering — has been beneficial as it has allowed her to "really get to know myself again and to respect and value myself," and she realized she "felt like I wasn't practicing what I was preaching." Now, though, Cornish promises "everyone's going to learn a lot about me" when they listen to "the best music I've ever made."

Getting back to who she sees herself as being, Cornish said it's songs such as her first album's title track, "Who You Are," that stand the test of time in regards to which of her songs she considers meaningful.

"I would probably say the most proud I am, lyrically and what it stands for, is 'Who You Are.' I've met tons of people that it helped at a time when they needed it, almost like a soundtrack to them being able to get better and be OK," Cornish revealed, also going on to explain how her new music hits home like the old stuff with the idea of women empowerment and girl power.

"It's so important women reflect the time through a woman's eyes. And for me, obviously, I do that through my music," Cornish gushed. "Definitely in the last process of writing have gone into a space where I'm talking about things that maybe women don't want to talk about, don't admit, and aren't comfortable to say. Kind of going back to the feeling and nostalgic energy of my first record where I had no fear, I think it's so important to be strong and to lift each other up."

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