19 Illustrations About Life And Love That Are Just Way Too Real

"You like one out of every seven selfies I do. Does that mean you love me?"

You know when you realize that thing you're thinking of would be better left unsaid? 

Well, Illustrator Jessie Cave is airing out all those internal thoughts, insecurities, honest comments and raw feelings in a series of drawings. In the series, adorable characters let the voices in their head be heard. 

And while the drawings might appear childlike, their stress, confusion and anxieties are very adult. Their written thoughts cover everything from the jealousy that comes along with being in a new relationship, to the frenemies we irrationally keep around, to the emotionally scarring effects of that one hot yoga class you took.  


Check out some of Cave's way too relatable drawings below:

1. On texting.

2. On wandering eyes.

3. On selfies.

4. On avoiding someone.

5. On past relationships.

6. On advice.

7. On feeling inferior.

8. On negative feelings.

9. On feeling basic.

10. On reading between the lines.

11. On hot yoga.

12. On asking for opinions.

13. On monogamy.

14. On commitment.

15. On wanting what you can't have.

16. On sisterhood.

17. On making mistakes.

18. On Tinder.

19. On anxiety.

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